Vlademir Pluto


"Blind Sniper", World's Greatest Marksman


Forte's Staff, Terilosian Secret Poliece Force, Rebel Army (former), Cp9 (former), Marines (former)


Marine Lieutenant (former), Cp9 Agent (former) Rebel Army Commander (former), Terilosian Chief of Secret Poliece

Japanese Voice Actor:

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Funi Voice Actor:

Duncan Brannan

Devil Fruit

Japanese Name:

Suku Suku no Mi

English Name:

Void Void fruit


Void, nothingness



Vlademir Pluto is the Chief of the Secret Police. He wears a black trench coat and an officer's peaked hat or, in colder places, a black fur coat and a black officer's ushanka. He kills mercilessly and is one of Lord Forte's most trusted men.


Pluto is a blind marksman who is hypersensetive to vibrations. In his days of military, he could shoot the core of an apple from over 45 kilometers away with his Mosin Nagant; He doesn't use a scope on his rifle because it would do him no good, as he is blind. He is first seen in Lord Forte's dining hall reporting to Forte. He is, clearly, aware of his surroundings. he says "every person has there own electromagnetic and gravitational field because of DNA. I didn't recognize any of yours so I could only assume you were not, either, citizens here or people I've ever met." He wears black, circular shades to hide his solid white eyes. His devil fruit gives him the ability to travel to "Void: The World of Nothing" He, apparantly, can see in this world. He is reknowned for being a poet and a famous author, because Brooke walked in on Pluto, who was wearing a white dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves and his black slacks and nothing else but his shades while he was writing a story. Pluto has a genuinely softer side when at peace (when writing his poetry), because he invited Brook in. Brooke commented on how he was able to write without propper eyes; that's when Pluto revealed his Devil Fruit powers.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

see Suku Suku no Mi

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