Series Name
Season 11, Episode 25
Episode Guide
Crossing Pathes: Pluto's Wrath on the North Blue
Ioseph's Terilosia: The Mighty Union!

After being accused by Vlademir Pluto as being Marines in disguise, the Straw Hats are taken to Terilosia, which was just the subject of a Coup. The Straw Hats enter the Citidel of Emperor Topkov to see the highest power in Terilosia, Lord Ioseph Forte. Luffy tries to speak but is silenced by the soldiers escorting them. They enter the Court of Justice to find the High Lord of Terilosia sitting at a desk. Luffy and Forte's eyes met and they immediately recognized each other as family. To the surprise of the crew, aside from Brook, who only knew Ioseph as a Marine who he had run in to long ago when he, Forte, was Enlisted.

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