The Elric Brothers Search Party is a group of people who went to the Human World to bring Edward and Alphonse Elric back to Amestris. All of them posed as WWII Soldiers from different countries, Canada, Poland, America, Britan, and one even from the Marquis' French Resistance.

Members of the Search PartyEdit

Finding the Elric BrothersEdit

After their affairs in France came up negative, the search party moved into Germany. After much fighting and pushing, the Brothers were found two hours and fifteen minutes before the Russians arrived in Hamburg, which was where they were. Forte said they were lucky that they got there in time. When Forte called out for departure, everyone asked to stay behind and fight the war. Forte allowed it and took the Elric Brothers home. These were Forte's words of encouragement:

"The war won't last another year. The boys will be back home before you know it! Don't worry, fellas."

unfortunately, only Zanzebeaux returned. Mourmalle was killed in battle, Volkar was now in Soviet Europe, and Mourise was already dead by the time the French Search was over. Volkar was reported dead, even though he might not have died in the Soviet Union.


  • The names the search party took were all involved in the game Call of Duty 3 except for Ioseph's name.

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