Ioseph Forte

Romanized name

Yosephu Forute

English Name

Ioseph Forte, Joseph Forte, Yoseph Forte


Lord Forte, Forte the Great, Terilosia's Savior


High Lord of Terilosia, Marine Admiral (former), Cp9 Director (former) Rebel High Leader (former)


Terilosian Government, Terilosian Military Forces, Rebel Army (former), Marines (former), Cp9 (former)

Japanese Voice Actor

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Funi Voice Actor

J. Michael Tatum

Ioseph Forte is the current President of the North Blue Union of Terilosian Republics. He was first seen in Terilosia after the battle between Whitebeard and the Marines ended completing a Coup d'etat by executing President Marrenkov on broadcast worldwide saying "This brings an end to Terilosia's envolvement with the World Government. "From now own, Terilosia is her own nation!!" he concluded the broadcast by shaking hands with the Revolutionary, Dragon.


Forte wears a black suit and has a resemblance to Daniel Craig, the actor that portrays James Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. When the Straw Hats cross the Red Line into the New World, while he is giving an order to his Field Marshal, Tank Commander, and A&S Commander he is dressed like Joseph Stalin in his Portrait. He was seen in the battle of the Mountains and, later, in the Sakura Kingdom Pact in a long black winter coat and a black Ushanka (The Commanding Officers' winter Uniform) He carries around a Webley Mk. 4 in a holster. He has dirty blonde hair and a scar on his left cheek, his eyes are brown and his face is shaven.


Coup and Military CareerEdit

Forte was once the Chancelor of the Empire of Terilosia under President Marrenkov after deserting Cp9 and the Marines. After Marines came to Terilosia, he began setting up a Coup, in which he would execute loyalist senators, officers, polical leaders, and even President Marrenkov. The coup, of course, was successful as shown on an international broadcast on which he executed Marrenkov for all eyes to see with the famous Webley revolver. His connections with his brother-in-law Dragon (as he is Luffy's uncle on his mother's side) gave him numerous and great victories. His first victory was in the town of Aezankov, located in the Mountains of Ozana in north Terilosia in which lived his uncle, a Loyalist senator who had tried to rape Luffy's mother but was stopped by Dragon. When the rebel soldiers reached the senators, Forte ordered Dragon given a PPSh 41 submachine gun, which he was, and the both of thim, with only one another, stormed the senator's mansion, killing anything that moved, they reached the senator's room and breached, the Senator was armed with a musket. he fired a single shot and missed, when he shot, Dragon and Forte sprayed him with bullets, killing him.

He killed the other nine senators and generals, afterwhich he stormed Marrengrad and took her. He decorated the streets with Terilosian Republican Banners, bearing the seal the people call Ioseph's Holy Cross on the day that Marrenkov was to be executed. He told Marrenkov "Its nothing personal, you just weren't good as a leader. I regret that its come to this old friend, but, like I said, its nothing personal. Goodbye, my friend, you will be missed." after which, he shot and killed him. He shook Dragon's hand after the Terilosian-Rebel Pact.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Devil FruitEdit

See Saku Saku no Mi


As a former CP9 Agent, he posesses the Rokushiki abilities and has perfected them even further than even Lucci had.

Super Human Strength Edit

Forte posesses an immense ammount of strength, shown when he picked up a Marine vessel and threw it at Marine Headquarters as if it were a toy ship.

Outside ReferenceEdit

  • During the Red-Blue War in Full Metal Alchemist, right before the Final Battle, President Vlademir Forte IV is seen looking at Forte's portriat asking for help in battle to ensure Terilosian victory and, after, Ed and Al see the portrait and Ed, making a reference to One Piece, says, "Wow, First President of the Terilosian Republics...he looks kind of like a pirate."

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